AUDIOTOURS is the European leader in the sale and rental of radio systems for communications during tourist visits and events.

The Audiotours system allows the guide, equipped with a microphone, to transmit all information to the members of the group, equipped with personal receivers. The group can perfectly listen to the instructions of the guide, in particular it is indispensable in sites with a high influx of visitors. The guide is equipped with a transmitter while each member of the group is assigned a receiver. Communication is immediate and focused on the cleanliness of the sound, making the group immune from noise pollution originating from the constant influx of visiting tourists.

AUDIOTOURS offers its latest generation wireless microphones, which represents innovation in the field of guided tours. This constantly evolving technology represents the most effective tool in conducting guided visits to various Italian and foreign tourist sites, such as museums, archaeological sites, city tours and art museums.

AUDIOTOURS is the professional wireless radio rental system to assist tourist guides. Evolutionary technology, innovation, immediate assistance, are the original essential elements for a perfect guided tour of all European tourist sites.